Student Dormitory


About Student Dormitory

Dear Parent, Dear Student; To you, first of all, "Welcome to (our) home." we mean. There is a student dormitory for 200 people within the body of International Vision University.

The capacity of the girls' dormitory is 50 people.

Our male student dormitory serves 150 people.

Opportunities we offer in our country:

· Rooms for 2, 3 and 4 people, depending on preferences· Rooms with Bathroom · 24 Hour Hot Water·     Technical services  · Health Services, consulting.· Laundry · Study Hall · Breakfast Room · Wireless Internet 
· Security (Camera System and security)

In our institution, the following steps are followed in order for student admission.

By showing the student's parents and/or students to our Dormitory buildings; All physical conditions of the institution are allowed. Students and their parents, who welcome the physical conditions of our dormitories, are taken to the 2nd step below.

The students and their parents, who have liked our physical conditions, are presented with the Official Regulations, our institutional principles and all the procedures related to the operation. The student and his/her parents who believe that they will comply with these one-to-one are transferred to the Registration step below.

In the registration step; In our face-to-face meeting and interview, our student will be approved for registration if the Dormitory Manager himself is able to place him in an appropriate quota that will support his/her education life, protect his/her mental and physical health, and make his/her social life happy and peaceful, not an empty quota. .

Documents Required for Registration

Application Petition (allocated from the Dormitory Management)

Student Certificate (allocated from International Vizyon University Student Affairs)

Copy of identity card

Photocopy of criminal record certificate (Criminal record)

2 passport photos

Photocopy of the health report (HEPATIT C AND HIV TEST; HEPATIT C and AIDS negative statements from public hospitals should be included.)

Complete the student information form.



After the necessary research is done on the application files and documents submitted to the Dormitory Management, the final registration procedures of the students who are deemed suitable are carried out. Applicants who are not eligible to register in accordance with the law, communiqués and regulations will not be admitted to the dormitory and the situation will be notified in writing to the applicants. Only students studying at International Vision University can reside in our dormitory.


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