The mission of the university is to produce knowledge and science in our multicultural society, as well as to keep different cultural values alive and to preserve our self-identity.

In this context, the main mission of the University is to carry out quality education and scientific activities through international curricula that will contribute to the formation of young education staff who are prone to free and scientific thinking, have modern knowledge and skills, have social responsibility, and respect human rights.

To train or educate qualified and competent experts with international and moral values, who are investigative, committed to democratic and secular state principles, ready to compete in the national and international arena, shape the future and increase the number of scientific, artistic and cultural activities.

The University is a bridge to develop friendships between different cultures and knowledge to establish high academic standards in teaching, research and publishing. With the applied European and international standards, international curriculum, wıth its international staff, the University has made it its mission to take an active role in the development of society and to contribute in this direction.


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