In the cultural center of Gostivar under the moderation of the famous presenter Yusuf Emin, the International University "Vision" celebrated three important events, the 8th anniversary of the existence of the International University "Vision", the 5th graduation ceremony and the celebration of the Education Day in Turkish, December 21.

Ayşe TÜRKMENOĞLU, Chief Advisor to the President of the Republic of Turkey, and Chief Advisor to the Chairman of the MHP Prof. Dr. Ruhi ERSOY, Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University Rector Prof. Dr. Hasan USLU , Türksoy Deputy Secretary General Assoc. Dr. Bilal ÇAKICI, Vice President of Turkish Veterans Federation Levent DEMİR and Chairman of the New Ottomans Association Saffet ATAK attended.

Additionally, TDP Prseident and Parliament Member Dr. Beycan İlyas, TMBH President Erdoğan Saraç, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policies Enver Hüseyin,  Prime Ministry Undersecretary Associate Professor Muhittin KAHVECİ, Afad Deputy Director Zülfikar ZEYNULLAH, Deputy National Border Management Coordinator Menfi İlyaz, Mufti of Gostivar Sabahudin ef. Zendeli university professors, members of the university board of trustees, students, members of the press and media and many other guests took part.

Greeting the guests attending the solemn ceremony, the  Rector Prof. Dr.  Ahmet Vecdi CAN thanked Prof. Dr. Fadıl HOCA, who successfully served as rector for two terms, thanked his colleagues and the Turkish people of Gostivar for making Gostivar a university city.

The chief adviser to the President of Turkey, Ayşe Turkmenoğlu, said: “The Balkans is our heart. Although in the last period of the Ottoman Empire, when the Republic of Turkey was formed, borders were drawn with which the rulers of the time tried to separate us from our heart, it was only a physical separation. Our hearts, souls and our Qiblah are one, we all feel it within us. I think that in the future especially our educational institutions and non-governmental organizations should have very important missions to convey this community and this geography to our hearts before it is too late. We will be with the people of our heart wherever they are in the world. We act with this motto."

The chief advisor to the president of the MHP,  Prof. Dr. Ruhi Ersoy, personally conveying the greetings and congratulations from the President of the Party for Nationalist Movement, Dr. Devlet Bahceli, congratulated the graduates with the desire that "Vision" International University be the flag bearer of the Turkish language in North Macedonia, and wished University to continue on its way with the thought and belief in the Turkish voice and flag, at the same time wishing success in education, training and other academic activities.

Addressing the participants of the program, TDP President and Member of Parliament Beycan İlyas said, “International Vision University aims to meet a great need of the Polog region and to provide a good education to the youth of the region on the one hand, and from abroad on the other hand especially to students from the Republic of Turkey therefore I welcome the steps you have taken.

We see that our university, which is the center of knowledge and science of Macedonian Turks, is taking quick steps towards becoming one of the most important higher education institutions in Macedonia.”

President of TMBH, Erdoğan Saraç, in his speech, said, “It is possible to protect our national and moral values only through our Turkish language in this land that we know as our homeland.” said.

At the end of the program, International Vision University Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Vecdi CAN, Founding Rector Prof. Dr. Fadıl HOCA, Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Abdulmecit NUREDIN, Prof. Dr. Mensur NUREDIN and Prof. Dr. Zoran FİLİPOVSKİ awarded plaques to the esteemed participants, diplomas to the graduated students, generation and the best of the generation were awarded with commendations. The program was closed with the hat tossing ceremony.


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