Our Values

Scientific approach: The university accepts that providing access to information and producing new knowledge is its main task. In this context, it does not accept any restrictions.

  Quality awareness: The university is based on carrying out educational and scientific research activities at universal standards and creating an effective quality assurance system in every field.

  Transparency: Activities are carried out open to the access of stakeholders.

  Accountability: Officials at all levels are accountable for their actions and decisions.

  Justice: The university administration does not discriminate among the employees of the institution, attaches importance to merit at all levels and respects the effort.

  Participatory management: The University acts with the understanding of cooperation, solidarity and sharing with its employees and students.

  Participation: Employees participate in management processes at all levels, preserving their individual characteristics and idealism.

  Continuous development: Employees act with the understanding of constantly improving and developing all the activities of the University.

  Social responsibility: The University carries out its activities for the benefit of society and in close relationship with the society, and contributes to the lifelong education of people from all segments of the society.

  International relations: attaches great importance to international relations and strives to be the science center address of cognates, relatives and friendly communities living abroad in Macedonia,

  Integration: Supporting the process of joining the European Union, without losing the basic values, in order for the country to reach the level of contemporary civilizations,

  Hospitality: The highest level of hospitality is shown to students and staff from outside Macedonia, especially students from outside the city of Gostivar.


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