Based on the cooperation agreements of International VISION University with the various institutions and organizations from Republic of Turkey, Head of the First Chamber of Presidency of the Council of State in Republic of Turkey Dear İlyas ARLI, the Member of the First Chamber of the Council of State, Dear İbrahim ER, Ministry of Interior, General Director of Civil Registration and Citizenship of Republic of Turkey, Hüseyin Engin SARIİBRAHİM, were the speaker participant in the conference that hold at International VISION University.

To the conference that was organized in the ceremonial hall of International VISION University, besides the Minister of the government of Republic of Macedonia and

Head of the Turkish Democratic Party (TDP), Dr. Beycan İLYAS, Vice Rector of the Uludağ University from Republic of Turkey, Prof. Mehmet YÜCE, PhD, Turkish Television (TRT) representative in Republic of Macedonia, Dear Bekim MUHTAREVİÇ, Dear Bedri NUREDDİN from the National Education İnspectorate in Republic of Macedonia, was also participated the Rector, Vice Rectors, Deans, Academic Staff and large number of the students of International VİSİON University.

As a first part of the conference after the sinevision show that presented the recent activities of International VISION University, the program continued with the welcome speech of the Rector of university Prof. Fadil HOCA, PhD, and conference panel started under the moderation of the International VISION University Vice Rector Assoc. Prof. Hasan OKTAY, Phd.

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