The mission of the International Vision University (IVU)-Gostivar, consists in the generation of knowledge and science as well as creation and treatment of different cultural values in society. In this aspect, the fundamental mission of the University represent quality education to new cadres of different ethnic communities in qualified and competent experts ready to compete in national and international market of knowledge and work.

IVU mission represents:

University of private higher education, autonomous, scientific, which provides scientific and applicative activities in the subjects of accredited study programs.

IVU is dedicated to the promotion of international affirmation of traditional values and characteristics of different ethnicities in our society and also promoting cultural and educational values of the Turkish community in Macedonia;

IVU is open for all students on the basis of equality and results, no matter of their ideological, cultural and social origins;

IVU is determined to achieve international standards and norms in all areas of its operations.