IT Centre

 IT administrator

Ilker Ali


contact: +389 42 222 325 (209)


Information Technology Department, academic-administrative staff and students of our university, we will use information and communication technologies.
Information Technology Department IT field; by incorporating hardware, software and data communication units; It follows the technological developments in accordance with its vision, mission and strategy, makes the necessary analyzes for the development of the information services needed, and presents it to the service of our university. All the programs used in our university work in the same database, integrating these programs with each other, the programs in use; to regulate changing laws, bylaws and regulations, presents them in the most effective way.


Assisting and supporting all activities that will produce information and technology in international standards, institutional standards, institutional standards, academic education and research activities at university standards. to provide fast, uninterrupted and quality service as much as possible.


If necessary, it uses information technologies in addition to performing increased efficiency for services related to these technologies. An electronic university that adopts and implements the preferred international standard, which is directed at high quality, high information, among education, research and administrative business processes, is an important component and its purpose of use within the institution is to be the leading and driving force of e-transformation.

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