International Vision University Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department held workshop on the topic of “Peer Violence

On the occasion of the “Days of Psychology” in 2019, the Chamber of Psychologists of the Republic of Northern Macedonia organizes events under the topic “Let’s talk about visible and hidden violence” to promote the psychologist as a profession and psychology as a whole and to improve mental health,

On this occasion, on 19.11.2019 at the Primary School Mustafa Kemal Ataturk-Gostivar, was held a workshop on the topic “What is peer violence? What are the consequences and how are they prevented? ” This workshop was conducted under the mentorship of the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of International VISION University and a licensed Psychologist Assoc. Dr. Kalina Sotiroska Ivanoska, and practical contribution was made by the fourth grade students of the Psychology Counseling and Guidance Department.

At the workshop, the students were informed about how interpersonal violence develops and how to identify victims of this type of harassment. Later, the students contributed to the development of tolerance, acceptance and interactive communication. At the end of the workshop, a positive atmosphere was developed between students and performers.

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