International Vision University hosted Academic Title Awards Presentation Ceremony

On November 14, 2019 (Thursday) at 12:45pm, “ACADEMICAN TITLE PRESENTATION” ceremony was held in the ceremony hall of International VISION University. 10 Academic Title were presented in total, including 2 professors and 8 associate professors titles working at the International Vision University. The opening ceremony which was conducted by the Rector of International VISION University Prof. Dr. Fadil Hoca, University Vice Rectors, Faculty Deans, University professors and a large number of students attended.

In his address the Rector of the International VISION University prof. Dr. Fadil Hoc emphasized that today’s program is neither a conference nor a symposium. In fact today’s program is actually a product of the efforts of our university to train educatational stuff.

At the ceremony professor titles were given to the Vice Rector. Prof. Dr. Hasan Oktay and prof. Dr. Bulent Dervish by the Rector of University Prof.Dr.Fadil Hoca.

Associate Professor title were presented by the University Vice Rectors to International Vision University Secretary General Vesna Poposka and to the other professors at International VISION University Dr. Attila Forma, Dr. Aybeyan Selim, Dr. Adnan Vrainko, Dr. Muhittin Kahveci, Dr. Arafat Hussein, Dr. Nalan Kazaz and Dr. Eyup Dulinja.

At the end of the program, a total of 10 students from different faculties who achieved high success (GPA) in their faculties were awarded scholarship certificates by the Deans of the faculties.

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