Famous Turkish Behavioral Sciences Specialist and Author Aşkım KAPIŞMAK held a conference at VISION University

International VISION University Student Council and Dynamic Psychology  Student Club organized a conference titteled  “Effective Communication Strategy and Body Language” that was held by famous Turkish Behavioral Sciences Specialist and Author Aşkım KAPIŞMAK.  Opening Speech was held by Vice rector Associate Professor Hasan Oktay. On his speech he mantion that this kind of activities countinuesly will be orginezed by studens clubs. Students of Internaional VISION University showed a huge interes to the conference.

Aşkım KAPIŞMAK spoke also about  How our brain works, Body Language, Personality Types in Relationships, Persuasion by Body Language. At the end of the programme Aşkım KAPIŞMAK received an plaque by the dean of Psychology   Counselling and Guidance department Associate Professor. Kalina SOTİROSKA.

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