Career Center

Career Center

The Career Center at Internatİonal Vision University has been established with the objective to assist students in getting acquainted with the business world before graduation and thereby help them to make a smooth transition into professional life.

The Career Center is there to support students who will begin their career journey after graduation in becoming self-aware individuals who have self-knowledge and are able define themselves as well as the choices they will be faced with, whose targets for the future are almost clearly defined and who have high levels of awareness. The Center provides this support by organizing internships, informative meetings and self-improvement seminars for the students. The Center also aims to inform students about 3rd sector careers and professions born out of requirements of the new era.

Students can speak to the qualified staff of the center as well as meeting professional advisors who are experts in their fields. Appointments are required to meet professional advisors. In addition, representatives of corporations and institutions, Human Resources managers and successful Internatİonal Vision University graduates from diverse fields of work are invited to give seminars.


Internship opportunities

The best way for hiring students or graduates is through an internship program. We encourage all students to participate in this form of experiential education, and we seek employers who are willing to offer a quality internship with clear learning objectives for students.


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