In accordance with article 7 of the Higher Education Law of the Republic of North Macedonia, International Vision University at the Education Coordination Board meeting held on 17 March 2020, due to compulsory holiday given to education because of the corona epidemic, our students not to be the victims or the injured party and in order to continue with education, the following resolution were taken: 

1. To start with online education at the International Vision University from 23.03.2020 until the second decision of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia,

2. To inform all parties related to online education, especially the Ministry of Education and Science, our University teachers, students and stakeholders through their official e-mail address,

3. Informing our students through online e-mail about online education as well as ensuring them with coordination,

4. To update the instructional program and curriculum as well as to publish the curriculum online on the site, 

5. To implement these resolutions until a second decision of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia. 


Also decision to make continuous sharing of information related to the subject developments on the site of our university. 


Respectfully announced to the public