A symposium to mark history

The Rector of International VISION University Prof. Dr. Fadil HOCA, was the guest of the live broadcasted program on TRT TÜRK the 28th Hıdırellez Spring Festival within the framework of the festival “A symposium to mark history”. On this – “A symposium to mark history… ” program this week, the International Symposium on Turkish Culture, is being discussed which has been organized for 24 years, within the scope of the 28th International Hidirellez Spring Festival. The guest of Esra Hasip is Prof.Dr. Fadil Hoca, the Rector of the International Vision University, who is hosting the symposium.

The Hıdırellez Festival, which has started under the name of Macedonia’s national and spiritual culture, is held not only with the participation of Balkan Turks but also with the participation of different ethnic cultures from different geographies. The symposium is also a platform to address problems in the field of culture and education.

This symposium, which is being hosted by the only university in the Balkans with the right of education of Turkish Language instruction, continues the existence of a great cultural treasury and underlines the concept of a common civilization that will be transferred to future generations.